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Fashion Fridays: 6 Tips for Newbie Consignees

Let’s talk consignment!  Do you shop consignment?  If not, you should absolutely try it!  In an effort to save money and infuse some new brands/looks into my life, I’ve started shopping consignment .  Disclaimer, a dear friend warned me that it can become addictive!! …

February 10, 2018
The Foodie The Passionista

Tom Kha Kung – The Remix

I often remake meals that I’ve experienced during my travels.  I had some amazing soup at Weera Thai in Las Vegas and so I have attempted this many times and I’ve finally found the perfect ingredients. DIRECTIONS: If you’ve opted to add your favorite…

January 29, 2018
The Professional

3 Great Reasons Why It’s Not Only About You

There are times in life when we must accept that IT’S NOT ONLY ABOUT YOU!  We impact others based on the choices we make, the words that are said and even those left unsaid.  Someone maybe watching, listening and following your footsteps even when…

January 18, 2018
The Passionista The Traveler

Just Say YES!

My travel experiences are most enhanced when I open up, let down my guard, step out of my comfort zone and just say YES.  This may seem simple but I know there are people that either struggle with this or have never considered it.…

September 29, 2017