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My Secret Weapon: Routine

September 21, 2016

I’ve come to realize that raising children takes alot of effort and consistency.  In order to simplify things, I took cues from my daughters’ classrooms.  Surely, if 2 teachers can manage to have 22 kids on a schedule with smooth transitions (most of the time), I KNOW that I can do the same, after all I only have 2.  And so the journey begins . . .

First I had to BREAK a key BAD HABIT:

  • TV Time – As a working mom, I MUST HAVE HELP (I have no idea how I would manage without my mom aka Nana, she is a GOD SEND!  Many have tried to steal her and failed).  What people don’t realize is, help can be a blessing and a curse.  My mom, as with most grandparents, caves easily and TV time was becoming obsessive in my house.  One day, I realized that the more the kids watched TV the more agitated they were and the more they refused to go to sleep at bed time.  So I decided to break the cycle THEN AND THERE!  I made it clear to my mom that the girls were not allowed to watch more than 30 mins of TV and I made it clear to the girls that going forward, TV time was earned not given (initially they had to make a “happy plate” to earn TV time, I’ve since relaxed the rules but 30 mins remains intact during the week).  I also explained why I was making the change (I explained their behavior and asked them if they used good or bad manners which helped them draw the right end conclusion) and gave them a heads up that the change was effective the next day.  I reminded them of the plan the next morning and afteroon and realized that I was thankful to be at a stage where I could reason with my children and IT WORKED!!!!

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