I’ve had the desire to create a blog since 2013 and I’ve talked myself into and out of fulfilling this dream up until now.  Best known as Zenna Wadawu but best defined as being the wife, mom, professional, foodie, baker, fashionista and self-proclaimed Travel Junkie!

Fun With Zs is about encouraging women to fully embrace all of the elements that make them who they are.  I wear several hats and I don’t always wear them all well but I strive to do my best daily.  I hope my words and experiences will inspire, encourage and empower you to LIVE your best life DAILY!

The Wife: 13 years+ and we are closer today than ever before

The Mom: 2 beautiful girls, Zoe and Zaria, graced me with this title and I believe the world could use a little more Zs

The Professional: Real life struggles and triumphs from the perspective of a “Doer” turned “Mentor” turned “Boss”

The Passionista: Food, Fashion, Reading and Travel ignite my fire – Travel, however, is my ultimate teacher and I plan to be a lifelong student!

“My best experiences often arise from engaging in the unexpected – venturing down those unbeaten paths.  I LIVE to LOVE and LOVE to Live” – Z’Marie