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The 3 x 7 Mirror – Gifted by Lisa Nichols

January 28, 2018

If you read my last post, you likely wondered “What did she ask Lisa Nichols?”  I really did not intend to create a cliffhanger but in the process of figuring out how to edit the video I caught the flu, my youngest daughter was diagnosed with Pneumonia and now my mom has Pneumonia as well (when it rains it truly does pour but this too shall pass!!) but on today I decided to push through and share.

Watch The Video Here (I gave it my very best effort and YouTube was the only thing that worked)

So . . . When you don’t believe in you . . . how do you get it back?  Simply put, you must leverage a mirror with purpose, I coin this The 3 x 7 Mirror.  This is an affirmation exercise that consists of 3 key statements followed by 7 critical affirmations.  I share my 3×7 below but more importantly, I challenge you in the same way that Lisa Nichols challenged me, ask these questions daily, and repeat this exercise as often as you must until you “Release the Shackles of GUILT, SHAME, FEAR and REGRET” – Lisa Nichols.

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3 Great Reasons Why It’s Not Only About You

January 18, 2018

There are times in life when we must accept that IT’S NOT ONLY ABOUT YOU!  We impact others based on the choices we make, the words that are said and even those left unsaid.  Someone maybe watching, listening and following your footsteps even when you are not aware.   

I was one of 700+ lucky women to attend the 10th Annual BE YOU Women’s Link Leadership Forum hosted by The Home Depot (In prior years, I did not make the cut, but NOT THIS YEAR!!!).  As I prepared for the day, I committed to being present, engaging with someone new and following my instincts.

Lisa Nichols, best selling author and motivational coach, was the keynote speaker (It saddens me to admit that I did not know who she was before this event but she has changed me forever) and she was indeed #blackgirlmagic!  She shared some incredible gems that I must share with you:

  • “Give yourself the freedom to disrupt the environment you’re in.  Once the soil is disrupted you can plant a new seed.  What do you want to grow in your next season?”
  • “In order to get something new you have to do something new.”
  • “Start the journey back to you.  Share the real you with the world; not the you you think they expect you to be.”
  • “Some of your best blessings come wrapped in sand paper.”
  • “Are you willing to stop asking for permission and start giving notice?”

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