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Fashion Friday: Let’s Talk Color!

August 10, 2018

Color is a way of life for me (NOW!  It hasn’t always been that way, I can still remember my all black everything phase.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s incredibly chic but ultra BORING!).  I love bright and bold colors, they stand out well in photos and they complement my skin tone very well.  But there were so many things I told myself, and you likely do the same, so let’s stop perpetuating those myths RIGHT NOW!

In the midst of writing this blog, I attended a corporate event that covered some great tips on Personal Style facilitated by Morgan Wider of Wider Style.  I’ve incorporated a few of her Pro Tips below!

3 Things We Should STOP Telling Ourselves 

  1. Color is not flattering to my body type – focus on finding the right cut and fit which will boost your confidence and enable you to FULLY EMBRACE color to stand out!  Morgan Pro Tip: Black is NOT a universally flattering color!  Cut and fit matters most! 
  1. Color does not work with my skin tone – color complements EVERYONE!  Focus on finding the most flattering color that takes your look to the next level!  Who What Wear has an article highlighting the most flattering colors to wear based on skin tone (check it out here and I’ll share a few quotes below).  Morgan Pro Tip: Buy your look in a color other than black! Color allows you to stand out from the crowd and grab their attention!
  2. I’m not stylish enough to mix colors, especially contrasting hues – find a style icon with a similar style and body type and learn from them (I share a few of my favs below), leverage Instagram and Pinterest for inspiration (Quick Hack follow – you will find inspiration and style influencers you identify with).  Morgan Pro Tip: Navy and Black go together!  As do Orange and Pink, Orange and Teal and Orange and Blue (How did she know that Orange was my color???)!

Let’s take a further dive into points 2 and 3

“Honeyed skin tones are enriched by apricot, tiger-lily oranges, creamy whites, and terra-cotta.” — Leatrice Eiseman, author of More Alive With Color 

This is the perfect lead in to my Go To Color: ORANGE (including all the variants, burnt orange, rust, gold, terra-cotta, etc.).  It simply never disappoints, my skin always looks AMAZING.

I have several items in my collection but my latest edition really tops them all.  I found this beautiful Oysho Jumpsuit in Budapest (how fitting as that was my planned color profile to wear while visiting that city).  I’m so glad that I found the perfect opportunity to wear it!  I mean who doesn’t want to look amazing during an impromptu photo shoot (especially when your dope high school photographer friend, check out Kwanza Henderson Media, makes time to do one in the midst of celebrating your 20 year high school reunion).

Summer Picks/Wish List:  Oysho Bikini (purchased this and I LOVE IT!!!), Everyday Maxi Dress and Tie-Wrap Romper

Fall Wish List: Off the Shoulder Dress, Bow Dress, Embroidered Dress (this is bordering red but let’s go with it!)

“Very deep skin tones can also wear jewel tones but are radiant with contrasting hues, especially cool aquas and snowy whites.” — Leatrice Eiseman, author of More Alive With Color

Contrasting Hues Wish List: Bold Top and Bold Ankle Pant

Recommended Style Influencers: Color Me Courtney, Kela Walker, StylePantry and SimplyCyn

“Dark skin tones are highly reflective and sparkle in jewel tones like amethyst, ruby, and turquoise.” — Leatrice Eiseman, author of More Alive With Color

Wish List: Tie Waist PantsJumpsuit, Oversized Blazer, Skater Dress and Midi Pencil Skirt Dress

Happy Shopping!


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