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Fashion Fridays: 6 Tips for Newbie Consignees

February 10, 2018

Let’s talk consignment!  Do you shop consignment?  If not, you should absolutely try it!  In an effort to save money and infuse some new brands/looks into my life, I’ve started shopping consignment .  Disclaimer, a dear friend warned me that it can become addictive!!  I have not crossed that line yet but I can see how easy that can occur.  Now that I’ve been in the consignment shopping game for about a year, I’ll share what I have learned so far.

  1. It’s not always old/used: I’ve lucked up on a consignment shop with a niche for selling items that are less than 2 years old (they have also successfully extended their GA locations with sales via their website, Instagram and Facebook Live which is how I prefer to shop).  High-end designers are the only exclusions that I’ve noticed (e.g. Chanel, Burberry, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, etc.).  Back by Popular Demand consignment shop has great relationships with retail store managers and fashionistas who likely have NO SPEND LIMITATIONS so you can often find a lot of new with tag items.
  2. Discounted designer digs: There are several designers that inspire me but I doubt that I would ever pull the trigger on paying full retail (I enjoy a bargain far too much).  I’ve been able to add Vera Wang, Shoshanna, Diane Von Furstenberg, Catherine Malandrino, Tory Burch, etc. to my wardrobe at an average price of $55!!  There are a few consignors that I follow that consistently deliver high-end designer finds so check out Labels Resale Boutique and Alexis Suitcase (they also have websites and post their hottest items on Instagram)
  3. Know your consignor: Not all shops are created equal so you have to do your research and choose wisely!  This is especially important if you opt to shop online.  You will want to ensure that they post high quality pictures and fully disclose the condition of their items.  If you are unsure, inspect the item thoroughly in-person but know that the hottest items won’t last.  I typically rely on recommendations from other fashionistas in my network when adding new shops to my rotation.
  4. Be known by your consignor: If they know you, your style aesthetic and your wish list they will call you when new items arrive!  Some of the very best items are often sold before they hit the floor (this is especially true at the higher end consignment shops).  The more frequently you shop/stop in the greater chance you have of scoring incredible buys.
  5. Experiment: There are likely things you would love to buy but can’t justify because you are uncertain if the trend will stick or you won’t wear it often.  My first ever consignment purchase was a pair of red Hunter Boots via an Instagram post.  I had them on my wish list for a while but I just could not bring myself to pay full price especially since I knew I would likely only wear them when it rained.  After stalking them off and on for a few years, I stumbled on a gently used pair for $60 and pulled the trigger (this is SO UNLIKE me but I’m so glad that I stepped outside my comfort zone).  For me, consignment has been an excellent fashion sandbox to play in and a great way to take a chance on a new look!
  6. Replace something loved but worn/lost:  I had a bracelet that I absolutely loved and wore daily.  I ended up gifting it to a friend traveling the world indefinitely (Yes, INDEFINITELY!!  I know some DOPE people!!) because I wanted her to carry me wherever she went.  Once I returned home (we met up in Prague so perhaps I have some dope in me too LOL) I realized how much I missed my bracelet.  Thanks to the internet, I stumbled on Poshmark and I was able to find the same bracelet I had purchased years before and it had never been worn (reunited and it feels so good)!  I LOVE my closet so when something nears end of life I’ve had to get creative to find them all over again!

So now that I’ve shared what I’ve learned.  Let me share some of my recent consignment wins!

The feature image is an Alice and Olivia Mimi Cold Shoulder Dress that I scored new with tags for $60 (MSRP $295) and it was perfect for my trip to Miami!


I am in LOVE with the YSL LouLou Shoulder bag but there is no way that I am spending ~$2K on a bag so when the Tory Burch Kira Shoulder Bag popped up for $175 (MSRP $528) I had to snatch it up.  It’s been such a great addition to my girl’s night/date night rotation and I bought this via a Facebook Live video!!!


Fringe is HUGE this year so why not start with the Schutz Evelize Fringe Boot – $135 (MSRP $380).  They are SO FUN to wear and Schutz is one of my FAVORITE shoe brands.  I have several in my closet and many others that I have on my wish list.  I lucked up on these boots via Instagram (most of my consignment purchases have been online)!!!






If I had not already spent my Feb shopping budget (yes, I realize that we are only 9 days into the month but I caught a sale at a consignment outlet last week and got 2 leather jackets for less than $100), these items would be on my shopping list today (OK the first would be on the I wish list LOL)!

Click on the images below to access the Instagram posts shared below!

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