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Good Reads: 2019 Reading List

January 12, 2019

I set a goal to read 19 books in 2018 and it totally did not happen.  But such is life, I’m rolling forward the books I didn’t get to last year and added some new books to the list.  I purchased so many books over the past year so my goal this year is to not buy another book until I’ve read the ones I already have (this rule will absolutely go out the window when Amazon has a crazy sale on Kindle books! So I’m hedging by adding a handful that I don’t yet own LOL)

My 2019 Reading List:

I will continue to align my list to my varied interests which has served me well thus far. Here are my key focus areas for the year, I’ve only read 13 pages of a book so far so it is clearly time for me to focus so I don’t have a repeat of last year!!!


I’ve failing out of the habit of being a life-long learner, so mixing some new reads with some classic b-school picks.


Oprah’s Book Club / NY Times Best Sellers

I’ve never been disappointed by an Oprah pick and I don’t think I ever will be.


Fiction/Humor Literary Criticism

From guilty pleasures to best sellers, I love a good Fiction and it’s been too long since I’ve curled up with a glass of wine (the first round will likely be tea since I am not drinking for the first 90 days of the year) and read one in a day.



I said it before and I will say it again . . . Once upon a time, I LOATHED self-help books but now that I have entered a new season in my life, I cannot get enough of them! All of these books were purchased at conferences where I had an opportunity to meet, engage and be fed by the authors.  I’m looking forward to eating again.



I started just about everyday last year in God’s Word and it grounded me in a way that nothing else can . . . thus continues the journey


What are your favorite books?  I’d love to add them to my list!  Check out my Pinterest Board of Books Worth Reading

“Reading determines your quality of life – it is oxygen for your lungs, food for your body, a sweet aroma to your nose, sight for your eyes, sound for your ears and a caress for your soul” –  Z’Marie

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