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Gluten-Free Basil Pesto Pasta Recipe

April 6, 2016

I often create recipes on the fly, based on what I feel like eating or based on ingredients in my kitchen.  This dish was created, as I walked through the grocery store, based on my preferred flavor profiles when making pasta.


Box of Ancient Harvest SuperGrain Garden Pagodas Pasta (first time trying this and it is worth the splurge!  Other gluten-free national pasta brands don’t stand a chance against this!)

Pack of Aidelles Chicken Apple Sausage (4 count) (exclude this ingredient if you choose to go Vegetarian/Vegan)

Bag of Fresh Express Baby Spinach

Pint of Grape Tomatoes

California Sun Dry Sundried Tomatoes Julienne Cut with Herbs

4-8 cloves of Garlic or 2-4 teaspoons of minced Garlic

3/4 cup of Olive Oil (add more or less based on desired texture)

2/3 cup of Pine Nuts

2 Oz of Basil (use less Basil and more spinach or arugula, if preferred)

Block of Parmesan Cheese (exclude this ingredient if you choose to go Vegan)

1 Lemon

Sea Salt

Cracked Black Pepper (i.e. from a pepper mill)

Cooking Instructions:

Prepare Pasta according to package instructions and set aside in a strainer

While pasta water boils / while pasta cooks, brown Chicken Apple Sausage on all sides in a grill pan over Medium Low heat with a Tablespoon on Olive Oil – I personally use a Calphalon Signature Nonstick 12′ Round Grill Pan

IMG_1180 (3) IMG_1182 IMG_1184

Once Brown on all sides, transfer to a cutting board and either allow to cool or use a fork to hold in place and cut each sausage into 5-6 diagonal slices (you can also skip the Chicken and go Vegan)

Warm a saute pan over Medium Low heat and add about 1/3 cup of sundried tomatoes

Add the sliced Chicken Sausage and 2-4 cloves of minced Garlic and allow to simmer for about 2-3 minutes

Add pint of Grape Tomatoes and allow to simmer for 3- 4 minutes or until tomatoes start to wrinkle

Add Spinach (washed and strained) and cook for 1-2 minutes until they start to wilt

Add Cooked Pasta

Add about 1 cup of Basil Pesto Sauce (you will have about 1 cup leftover or you add more, if preferred)

Plate pasta and top with freshly grated Parmesan Cheese and Cracked Black Pepper to taste

Basil Pesto Sauce:

Basil Stock PhotoYou can prep the pesto while the Chicken Sausage browns by using a food processor – I love my Cuisinart Food Processor!

Add Pine Nuts (you can also use Walnuts but I preferred Pine Nuts), Basil (washed and strained), 2-4 cloves of Garlic and 1/3 bag of Spinach (you can add more Basil or use Arugula if preferred) and pulse until coarsely chopped (scrap ingredients off the sides with a silicon/rubber spatula after pulsing)

Turn on processor and add Olive Oil in a steady stream until well blended

Add 1/3 cup of freshly grated Parmesan Cheese (you can skip the cheese and go Vegan) and juice from 1 Lemon and pulse to mix together

Add Salt and Pepper to taste (add more lemon juice as a tradeoff for the salt)



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