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World Book and Copyright Day: My 2018 Reading List

April 24, 2018

April 23rd is World Book & Copyright Day!  It’s common to learn about these days on social media but I really wanted to understand the why.  So here is what I learned, this is the 21st year (it’s finally legal LOL), its designated by UNESCO to be a worldwide celebration of books and reading and recognized in over 100 countries (OK, I think that makes this day a big deal!).  But it gets better than that, according to UNESCO, April 23 was selected because it represents the death and birth of many literary greats.

UNESCO’s mission is simple: pay tribute to books/authors across the globe, encourage all ages, especially young people, to discover a passion for reading and to gain respect for the incomparable contributions of the greats to humanity.  Audrey Azoulay, Director-General of UNESCO, said it best, “books are at the intersection of some of the most essential human freedoms, primarily freedom of expression and freedom to publish. These are fragile freedoms.”

My Favorite Reads

I’ve read so many books but there are only a few that I love enough to read again: a mix of fiction, cultural, physiological, organizational behavior, statistics,  self-help, African-American and some subsequently made into movies (books are ALWAYS better.  Join me on Good Reads!)

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My 2018 Reading List:

I always categorize my list to align with/expand my varied interests. So are my key focus areas for the year, I’ve only read 2 so far so it is clearly time for me to kick it into GEAR!!!




I am a member of a book club and it is adding several books to my list that I would likely not have read.  So far so good, I love finding new books/authors this way.



I selected a few biographies, I don’t normally read them but I could see myself hanging out with all of these folks so why not learn their story!!!



Once upon a time, I LOATHED self-help books but now that I have entered a new season in my life, I cannot get enough of them! Especially since most were purchased at conferences where I had an opportunity to meet, engage and be fed by the authors.



I’ve finally learned that for me, it all begins and ends with the word of God.  The more I put his WORD before the WORLD the more I progress toward fulfilling my purpose.  Jesus Calling, in particular, has been such a blessing to me.  My girlfriend, Dethra, bought it for me during one of the most difficult phases of my life.  I was depressed and I didn’t even know it but I am thankful that she stepped in and sent me a lifeline.  I’ve paid it forward and purchased this book for several other women in my life.  My girlfriend, Nicole, and I often text either one word: SARAH and we bought know that means that the devotional really hit home on that particular day (this is just about everyday for me!)


What are your favorite books?  I’d love to add them to my list!  Check out my Pinterest Board of Books Worth Reading

“Reading determines your quality of life – it is oxygen for your lungs, food for your body, a sweet aroma to your nose, sight for your eyes, sound for your ears and caress for your soul” –  Z’Marie

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