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The 3 x 7 Mirror – Gifted by Lisa Nichols

January 28, 2018

If you read my last post, you likely wondered “What did she ask Lisa Nichols?”  I really did not intend to create a cliffhanger but in the process of figuring out how to edit the video I caught the flu, my youngest daughter was diagnosed with Pneumonia and now my mom has Pneumonia as well (when it rains it truly does pour but this too shall pass!!) but on today I decided to push through and share.

Watch The Video Here (I gave it my very best effort and YouTube was the only thing that worked)

So . . . When you don’t believe in you . . . how do you get it back?  Simply put, you must leverage a mirror with purpose, I coin this The 3 x 7 Mirror.  This is an affirmation exercise that consists of 3 key statements followed by 7 critical affirmations.  I share my 3×7 below but more importantly, I challenge you in the same way that Lisa Nichols challenged me, ask these questions daily, and repeat this exercise as often as you must until you “Release the Shackles of GUILT, SHAME, FEAR and REGRET” – Lisa Nichols.

So I challenge you to look yourself in the Mirror and state the following:

[Insert Your Name], I am proud that you . . . [state 7 things you are proud of] . . .                                        [Insert Your Name], I forgive you for . . . [state 7 things you forgive yourself for] . . .                          [Insert Your Name], Today I commit to you that . . . [state 7 things you promise yourself] . . .

I won’t bore you with my full list but I will share a few of the things I’m reflecting on today.

Zenna, I am proud that you . . .

  1. have learned to ask for help (I often fail to effectively leverage my network)
  2. planned and executed a photo shoot (I cannot wait to share the results)
  3. sold your first cookie order (more to come, my friends refuse to allow my gifts to go to waste) . . .

Zenna, I forgive you for . . .

  1. the moments you’ve missed in your children’s lives
  2. the failure to start or finish so many things over your life
  3. the decisions I made contrary to God’s will for my life

Zenna, I commit to you that . . .

  1. I will end this year better than I started (faith, family, fitness and finances)
  2. I will choose to believe that I can handle any task laid before me
  3. I will grow my business/career

Will you join me on this journey?  Share your thoughts, your revelations, your breakthroughs.

As an aside, speaking my truth has already yielded tremendous benefits!  Lisa Nichols gifted me with a 3 day Speak & Write workshop!!  I can’t wait to share my experience with you in May 2017!  Better is before me!!

Photo Credit: 2018 Women’s Link Leadership Forum

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